About our teacher


Hello (potential)student, and welcome,

We will have plenty of time to get to know each other once you begin your training. Before that you probably want to know a bit about your teacher before that.

I am Arnout Griepsma, a 51 years-young Dutch guy, living in a beautiful region of northern Tuscany called Lunigiana.

Over the years, I have been asked many times if I would teach the martial art that I have been practicing for half my life. Finally, I took this as a sign it was meant to be.

So, I opened my own dojo (school)…

Our Style

With care and respect, I took everything that I learned (and am learning) from my teachers, colleagues and others I have met so far along the way. This knowledge, wisdom and training is all blended into my own style of Ninjutsu. A modernized Ninjutsu style, based upon ancient Japanese Samurai and Ninja techniques.

Our school

I physically built an indoor Dojo and an outdoor training area on my land, incorporating the natural elements.

Whether you are a curious novice seeking defence skills and better well-being, or a practiced martial artist looking to advance your toolbox, you are warmly welcome here.

I teach all levels from beginners to martial artists who are experienced in other styles. Basic movability is necessary

My vision and my teachings combine both mental and physical skills in the Iguru Ninjutsu Ryu (style).

Now my dojo friends and I invite you on a journey to get the best out of each other and become better than we were before.

Come join the Iguru Ninja family and let’s grow together… 

“I can only teach what I have learned, so I keep on studying” To improve, expand and better the teachings of the Iguru Ninja Ryu.

Arnout Griepsma / founder of The Iguru Ninja Ryu