Iguru Ninja Summer training

This summer (in August) you will have the opportunity to improvre your Ninja skills at The Iguru Ninja Campo Dojo.

There will be extra training possibilties for all students. Next week our Jonin will start his own training for his black belt exam. During his exam preparation, you will have the opportunity to train as well. Since our Jonin is available, you can train alongside with him. To improve your own techniques and to prepare yourself for your own exam. And if you have questions, you have your teacher nearby to help you.

Next week we wil see if anybody is interested….(if you want to propose a different training moment, please use the group-app).

Remember, it is not a regular lesson, but serious training is required. These lessons are for all styles, so you can train your Kamaejutsu or Ninjutsu during the same hour. Meditation guidance will not be given during these lessons. we will hold separate classes for meditation.

If you want to make use of this opportunity,
please enlist through the calendar on this website,
as it is “members-only”.

The cost for an outdoor-Summer-august- training hour is € 10,00.

2023 Ninja Summer training

Improve your skills, come practise!

Want to have a Workshop?

Contact our Jonin to talk about the possibilities of a workshop at your location!

Want Private Lesson(s)

Our Jonin welcomes you into his Dojo for a one-on-one training session

Do you want advanced Ninja Training?

This winter The Iguru Ninja Dojo will start advanced Ninja training lessons

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Join our Dojo, it will be fun and healthy! We also have a non-combative martial art style.

2weeks-express-white belt-training

We offer a special “express training bootcamp” to become a Ninjutsu 10th kyu white belt, within 2 weeks. You will be training 4 hours, 5 days of both weeks. Interested? Clicl on the button to get more information and price information.

Have any questions?

If you have a question, please use the contact form. Our Jonin will contact you within 48 hours.

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