What do you mean by meditative postures in motion?

Not everyone wants to train the self-defense or combat style of the Ninja. For those people we offer a training similar to Chinese styles like Tai-Chi. Of course we have a different (Japanese) style and philosophy. Our Kamaejutsu style is based on the postures we use in Ninjutsu, but without the attack and defense interaction with each other. We will train the postures (Kamae) separate and in series (kata). We will train our breath and mental focus while we move. This is what we mean by “Meditative postures in motion”.

What do I wear during training?

When you attend our first FREE introduction lesson, you can wear a T-shirt and training pants. When you enlist as a member, you will need to start wearing our Dojo T-shirt. The first T-shirt will be free if you take a monthly membership. Otherwise and/or after the first free one, it will cost € 15,00. When you become a white belt (and higher), you will need to wear a Dojo uniform. Since we are a martial art, we train full-contact. Our Dojo uniform and the available prtoection will ensure safe training in our Dojo and outside in our Campo Dojo.

Why do I need to buy my training gear at the school?

We are using traditional and modern Samurai and Ninja training weapons. Some of them we use against each other. For this reason we need specific quality wooden, plastic or metal training gear and weapons. Our school is always trying to find the best price/quality items. Since we have been training for so many years, we know what to buy and make your investment in training gear a long-lasting one. To support our style and Dojo we need to make a profit, but we take only a small percentage. We like to keep training available for every budget.  This is why we ask our students to come to us to buy their training gear and weapons. If you have your own training gear, please consult with our Jonin before using them in our Dojo. We are all responsible to keep training safe in our Dojo.

Why are private lessons more expensive?

During private lessons our Jonin focusses 100% on your form, execution of techniques and energy. This means you will have his devoted attention for one and a half hour. He will guide you and give you pointers on how to improve your techniques. He will help you with overcoming your physical and mental struggles you experience with mastering our techniques. These intens lessons will improve your techniques faster than during class training, simply by the fact you are trained individually.

This focussed training also takes more intense preparation before our Jonin will be able to address your specific questions and struggles. So therefore these lessons have a higher cost.